Tips for Clients for Better Portraits

What to wear:

One of the main parts of photography is a great wardrobe!  It can set the stage for the general overall theme of your photoshoot.

Don’t dress too matchy-matchy
Try not to dress everyone in jeans and a white/black/grey/yellow etc shirt or everyone in the same exact color shirt/outfit.  Doing this will make everyone look too “uniform”.

Do try and aim for complementing colors and tones while not looking too “uniform” and dress everyone in complementing colors and styles.  The easiest way I have found is if girls find their outfits first and then boys are dressed to complement the colors of the girl outfits.

Outfits with lots of layers will result in better use of your shooting time as it will be easier to change up outfits and will give the illusion of multiple wardrobe changes.

Use accessories!  Play it up with fun funky jewelry, hats, scarves or headbands.  Get creative with your styles and let your inner model show!

Check out ads for clothing stores with styles you like to get ideas of complementing outfits for families, couples or children.

What should we do during our shoot?

I love taking lifestyle type photographs.  The best advice I can give will be simply try and forget I am there.  The more comfortable you act as a family, couple or alone, the better your pictures will be.  In the beginning of your shoot you may be a little nervous, but just try and loosen up, have fun and act natural with each other!  We will get some posed shots but the ones that steal your hearts are the ones where your emotions show through.  Talk a little, laugh, kiss, hug, heck even chase each other a little.  Be a silly and cheesy!  The more you interact with each other the better your pictures will be!

Location Location Location!

Location will play a huge role in your photographs.  Where you choose to take your pictures will help set the style and theme of your photos.  Do you want a whimsical location like overgrown fields, woods or streams?  Perhaps an urban type of shoot downtown, in the city, grafittied walls.  If you need ideas, let me know and I can recommend some great locations!

Anything Else

Want to set up an entire themed shoot?  I am all ears and more than happy to talk ideas!  I LOVE being creative and would love to plan out a photoshoot that borders on fantasy!  Tea parties in the woods, furniture in a field, I am more than willing to help you create the photoshoot of your dreams.  No idea will be too crazy!

If you have props you want to use for your shoot, please bring them!  I love using props and may bring a couple of my own!  Antiqued chairs, lanterns to hang in trees, signs or chalkboards to hold, you name it, I love it!  Let your little ones dress up in costume if they want.  I love capturing the individual personalities of kids!

Most of all, relax and have fun!

Let’s make some memories together!