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Orange County, CA Photographer | Hillcrest Park Family Session

I loved this session.  Everything from the gorgeous family, to the beautiful setting Fullerton, California sun… it was amazing!

We shot our session in Fullerton, CA at Hillcrest Park.  It’s such a cute little location, with different spots to shoot in.  I love the realness of some of these photos.  I love how you can feel their love and emotion toward one another.  Documeting relationships is one of my favorite parts of photography.  I love when you can look at an image and immediately FEEL something, and so many of these photos from this session do just that.

Maternity Session | Orange County, CA Photographer

Chris Burkmenn once said “The harder the fight, the greater the victory.”

I know this to be true.

When you have been fighting for something for so long, and I mean fighting SO hard for something, every waking hour it consumes you.  You cry and you battle and you hope, oh the hope, so much hope…

and then it finally happens…

you finally come out of it…


I am so happy I got to photograph these touching photos of my sweet friend with her two miracles.  One at her side, one still growing within.

I love you Freeman Family and I am so happy for you and your new little “Wyld” man. <3

*If you or someone you know is battling infertility, please go to for help and support.  I personally have fought through the infertility war and I know how tiresome and lonely it can be.  1 in 8 couples is diagnosed with infertility.  The more we are open and vocal about it, the less taboo it becomes.  Reach out to someone, and if you have no one, reach out to me.