Silhouette Workbook: How to take a great silhouette.

If you haven’t heard, I wrote an awesome workbook on how to take and edit silhouette shots!  I have so many people email me all the time asking about the silhouette photos that I do.  I always try my best to help, but there is seriously SO much information I decided to put it all down in writing.  I am so excited about this.  I love helping and sharing my knowledge, especially on a subject that I loooove talking about. 🙂

This 35 page workbook is available at Beyond the Wanderlust in their shop!

It includes:

  • A 35 page full color workbook.
  • 2 brand new Amy Clemons Photography Photoshop Actions specifically designed for silhouettes.
  • A silhouette cheat sheet to take with you to all of your sessions.
  • Every secret detail and tip that I have to offer on the topic of silhouetting.
  • How to find the perfect location for silhouettes.
  • The importance of posing and body positioning for silhouettes.
  • Exact editing directions and advice with step by step pictures.
  • Plus SO much more!

Get yours today HERE


xo, Amy Amy Clemons Photography | Orange County, CA Photographer | Silhouette