Part of your world :)

CONFESSION: I am a (somewhat) mature *cough29cough* year old adult, but whenever I’m in the bathtub or shower I instantly transform into Ariel and I sing Little Mermaid songs at the top of my lungs like I’m 11 again 🙂 PAAAAART OFFFF YOURRRR WOOOOORLD!!!!

Playing catch up on my everyday project!

So sorry I have been away!  I have been busy busy busy shooting, editing and spending time with the hubbs and the most adorable 9 month old I have ever seen! ;D  Just going to play catch up for a couple sessions!  Here’s more from my everyday project…

** Julian was the IVF miracle baby of one of my dearest friends… she was 19 weeks pregnant and due to an incompetent cervix, delivered him too early at 12:01am on November 16th.  He was perfect in every way <3  He's forever in our hearts**

Lunch Time- "The Everyday" Project

"Mr J the Explorer"- The Everyday Project