Cowen Family | San Diego, CA Family Photographer

I met the Cowen family down in Poway, CA last weekend.  Momma, Amy, owns an adorable hair salon in San Diego and wanted me to come out to photograph some of her employees, so while I was out there we did a family session for her too!  These little girls were soooo much fun to hang out with and “excited” wasn’t even the word when I told them I brought my homemade teepee to play in!  I’m pretty sure they had fun since the middle daughter let me know it was okay to come back anytime and I could bring my teepee as well lol.  Love it!!!

Thanks Cowen family for having me out to shoot on your gorgeous property!!  I had so much fun!

Miss {E} 1st Holy Communion | Orange County, CA Children’s Photographer

Eneim Family | Orange County, CA Family Photographer

I had sooo much fun with the Eneim family!  The boys totally gave me my workout for the day, but man it was fun!  We had such a great time running around and “exploring the forest” 😉  I loved watching little boys play together, especially brothers… such an amazing bond <3

Mr {H} Newborn | Fullerton, CA Newborn Photographer

Meet Mr {H}.  Only a few days old and sooo sweet.  Every time I photograph a newborn I get bad baby fever… I think I also post about the baby fever all the time as well lol… but especially when they are little snuggle bears… and oh was he EVER! 

Campbell Family | Los Angeles, CA Family Photographer

I met the Campbell family at the LA Arboretum last weekend and wow was it a beautiful day!  I had never been there (honestly never knew of the LA Arboretum, only the Fullerton one) but I am so happy we went, it was amazing!  I’m dying to take the hubbs and Mr J there! 

These adorable girls were full of energy and had me running, jumping and chasing after them all day, which I totally L-O-V-E!  They were full of giggles and secrets and everything sisters share, and most of all they were full of love.  We would be walking and every now and then out of no where one of them would exclaim “Mommy I love you!!”  or “Daddy I love you soo much!!”  *SWOON*

Thanks Campbell family for such an amazing day and for allowing me to capture the love you all share!

And one bonus shot of the view from the very top of the Arboretum…

Miss {O} 6 Months | Corona, CA Children’s Photographer

I have known this little mama’s… well mama (hehe) for quite a while now from an online mommy board.  We had never met in person though till our session together.  In the world of technology that we live in now, it’s so awesome to “know” someone for so long and feel a special connection and bond to them even though we had never met and fromt he moment we both stepped out of our cars, it felt like I had always known her!  I had so much fun this day, it was a perfectly beautiful day filled with perfectly beautiful people.  One of our other friends met us there too to hang out while we shot and while I think she did more “assisting” than “hanging” lol, I know she had fun too!

And one of the 4 of us <3
Liz, Miss {O}, Another Liz, and yours Truly!

Miss {M} Newborn Sneak Peek, San Diego, CA Photographer

Just a few from yesterday’s session with this sleeping beauty…  She made me have baby fever real bad!

Newborn cuddles are the best… *sigh*

Olivia {6 Months} | Orange County, CA Children and Family Photographer

This little Miss and her Mama were so much fun to photograph!  Miss O was the sweetest little 6 month old girl, she never once cried!  I swoon over her big brown eyes!!

Mr J is One!! | Corona, CA Children’s Photographer

Happy birthday to our sweet miracle boy.  The past year has been the best year of my life all because of him . . .

Miss K’s Storybook Adventure! Orange County, CA Photographer

Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl named Miss K . . .

She was a happy little girl! 

One of her favorite things to do was sit out in her local park, under her tee-pee and get lost in the classic storybooks she would bring to read.  She would get so lost in them, she could almost imagine herself there…
She read, Little Miss Muffet…
(who sat on her tuffet)

. . . eating her curds and whey.

When along came a spider that sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away!!

She also read Goldilocks and the 3 Bears!

and last but not least, Little Red Riding Hood

What a fun day!!